About K∅ZR

Amateur radio began in 1969 when I passed the exam for a General Class license. Four months later I was able to upgrade to an  Advanced Class. Those early years of amateur radio laid a foundation leading to a career choice of electrical engineering. My areas of specialization are RF/microwave, digital communications, and general systems engineering.

Having formal training in many of the areas of interest to amateurs has certainly made the hobby more enjoyable. Understanding the deeper theory behind what works and does not work has its rewards.

As reported on qrz.com, I became reengaged in the hobby to a serious extent in 2006.  Since then I have moved to a new rural location where I am able to erect towers, have some room for antenna experimentation, and in general, enjoy the hobby to a much fuller extent.  The less dense population with accompanying longer sight lines to neighbors affords some assurances of minimal RFI; a distinct advantage of living in the country.

I operate almost exclusively CW.  I ventured into SO2R in November 2014 and find it most enjoyable.  I operate only 160 – 10m.

As I add to this site I will provide some photographic evidence of my activities as well as provide some written documentation of some areas that may be of interest to other amateurs.  During 2017-2018 I developed documentation on home-brewing KW bandpass filters for SO2R operation. Most recently (2020) I have been designing and building remotely controlled RF switches.