High Power HF Filter Design – Second Edition

The writing and editing of the second edition is complete. This second edition is 50% larger than the first, boasting over 460 pages with more than 525 equations, 400 figures, and 90 tables. Publication is contingent on selection of a possible different publisher. The first edition is and will remain on Amazon.com, while a more technical publisher venue is being considered.

The first edition is adequate for likely most readers. The second edition has five more chapters and a considerably expanded treatment of the use of JK inverters. Additionally, the second edition covers a third filter design for 20m, isolation and shielding, advanced filter theory wherein select frequency zeros may be introduced into a filter’s stopband, and an expanded treatment of transmission line transformers, TLTs.

It is my hope that wherever the second edition is published, those people who purchased the first edition will be able to get the second edition at a considerable discount, in other words, no profit to me. The feasibility to offer this discount to first edition purchasers’ is under further review.

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