TX-472 Tipped to Make Element Adjustments for SO2R
Tower at 23 Feet

As seen on the “Tower” page, the yagis include a Cushcraft XM-240 for 40m, maximum height of 81 feet, and a Force12 C31XR, 14 element yagi for 10, 15, and 20m, whose maximum height is 74 feet.

A DX Engineering 80/40, 53 foot vertical with 90 radials is used for 80m.

Antennas are interfaced to radios via a 2×8 RatPak from Array Solutions.  A combination of tuned stubs and K∅ZR-designed 2 KW bandpass filters provide needed isolation for the SO2R operation.  Eventually all tuned stubs will be replaced with bandpass/lowpass/highpass filters.

80 M Vertical

To the left is the base of the 80/40 m vertical antenna, although it is used only on 80m.  Nearby trees would hit the top of a full-size 80m vertical so the 53 foot height is “just right”.  The vertical has 90 radials emanating from its base, extending a minimum of 60 feet, each.  It has the “CW Optimizer” from DX Engineering which provides for an excellent match across the entirety of the 80m CW band.